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Chlorhexidine Base CAS No. 55-56-1

Chlorhexidine Base CAS No. 55-56-1

Chlorhexidine base is a disinfectant and topical anti-infective agent used also as mouthwash to prevent oral plaque. The physiologic effect of chlorhexidine is by means of Decreased Cell Wall Integrity. Chlorhexidine is a biguanide compound used as an antiseptic agent with topical antibacterial activity.

Chlorhexidin is an odorless, white crystalline powder, odorless, bitter taste, hardly soluble in water or alcohol. Chlorhexidin, Chlorhexidin Dihydrochloride, Chlorhexidin Digluconate and Chlorhexidin Diacetate are used as cosmetic biocides, oral care agents and preservatives.

It is a disinfect and antiseptic medicine, strong function of broad-spectrum bacteriostasis, sterilization, used for disinfecting hands, medical apparatus and instruments, wound ,skin and so on.

Product NameChlorhexidine Base
CAS No.55-56-1
Appearance white Powder
chemical formula C22H30Cl2N10
EINECS NO.200-238-7
StorageStaying in cool, drak and dry place,
keeping package sealed
Shelf life2 years

chlorhexidine Base powder will be packed by fiber drum, 10kg/ drum


1) In cosmetics and personal care products, Chlorhexidin and its salts (Chlorohexidin Dihydrochloride, Chlorhexidin Digluconate, Chlorhexidin Diacetate) are used in the formulation of eye makeup, makeup foundations, mouthwashes, hair dyes and bleaches, and other skin care and hair care products;

2) Chlorhexidin has been used in medical practice and these ingredients, particularly the Digluconate salt, have extensive use in dentistry because they inhibit plaque formation;

3) Chlorhexidin is used as a topical antiseptic skin scrub in hospital and household settings;

4) For use in animals, it is used as a topical disinfectant of wounds.