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Isopropyl alcohol CAS67-63-0

Isopropyl alcohol CAS67-63-0

Product description:Isopropyl alcohol is manufactured and processed without common additives such as denaturants, which make the alcohol unfit for human consumption. Isopropyl alcohol is not interchangeable with sterile or USP-grade isopropyl alcohol, but misnomers occur frequently because USP-grade alcohol is always in a pure state.

Synonymy:Dimethyl methanol, 2-propanol, the industry known as IPA


1. As an organic solvent and raw materials with extensive USES.

2.The determination of barium, calcium, copper, magnesium, nickel, potassium, sodium, strontium, nitrite, cobalt and other reagents. Chromatographic analysis standard.

3. Used as water-based fracturing fluid oil Wells of defoaming agent, air to form explosive mixture, caused an explosion of the burning flame, high heat

4. Isopropyl alcohol as a cleaning agent, MOS grade is mainly used for discrete devices and medium and large scale integrated circuit, BV – Ⅲ level is mainly used in very large scale integrated circuit technology

5. Used in electronic industry, also can be used as a cleaning agent.

6. Used as the diluent of adhesive, cottonseed oil extraction agent, nitrocellulose, rubber, paint, shellac, alkaloids, grease and other solvents. Also used in antifreeze, dehydrating agent, preservative, antifoggant, medicine, pesticide, spices, cosmetics, printing industry and organic synthesis, etc.

7.Is relatively cheap in the industrial solvent, widely used, and mixed water freely, dissolution of hydrophilic substances than ethanol.

8. Used in the production of isopropyl ketone, isopropyl acetate and thymol and gasoline additives.

9.Can be used in the animal tissue membrane skim.

product nameIsopropyl alcohol
AppearanceColorless transparent liquid
Packing25kg/drum 200kg/drum