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O-Phenylphenol CAS 90-43-7

O-Phenylphenol CAS 90-43-7

product description:O-Phenylphenol is used for strong bactericidal function, used as wood, leather, paper, as well as preservative preservation of fruits and vegetables, meat preservation. Used as a hydrophobic synthetic fiber polyvinyl chloride, polyester and other carriers using carrier staining method, surfactants, bactericidal preservatives, dyes intermediates.

synonymy:2-Phenylphenol ;2-HYDROXY DIPHENYL;ORTHO-PHENYLPHENOL(OPP);2-HYDROXYBIPHENYL (2-PHENYLPHENOL);1-hydroxy-2-phenyl-benzene;ortho-phenyl-phenol;BIPHENYL-2-OL FOR SYNTHESIS; Torsite;

Usage:1.Mould inhibitor; Fruit and vegetable preservative. It is mainly used for mildew prevention of citrus epidermis

2.As antiseptic fungicide, it can be used for citrus preservation according to Chinese regulations. The maximum usage is 3.0g/kg, and the residual amount is not more than 12mg/kg

3.This product is used for strong sterilization function, used for wood, leather, paper preservation .

4.O-hydroxybiphenyl is used as carrier, surfactant, antiseptic and intermediate of dye for hydrophobic synthetic fibers such as chloron and dacron by carrier dyeing.

5.Use of fluorescent determination of propyl sugar reagent. Dye intermediate.

6.Used as deoxyribonuclease (DNase) inhibitor; Used as a reagent for analysis and detection of propionate.

product nameO-Phenylphenol
Einecs No.201-993-5
Appearancewhite Crystalline Powder
Packing1kg foil bag,25kg carton drum