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1,6-Bis(cyanoguanidino)hexane CAS No. 15894-70-9

1,6-Bis(cyanoguanidino)hexane CAS No. 15894-70-9

1,6-Bis(cyanoguanidino)hexane CAS No. 15894-70-9

Product Name1,6-Bis(cyanoguanidino)hexane
CAS No.15894-70-9
Chemical Formula C10H18N8
EINECS No.240-032-4
Package 25 kg / fiber drum
Service Free Sample
Grade USP grade

Usage :

1,6-Bis(cyano-guanidino) hexane is a biguanide compound which is positively soluble in water and is also a cationic surfactant with excellent antiseptic and broad-spectrum antibacterial activity. It is an important intermediate for the synthesis of biguanides and polyguanides. Widely used in medicines, dyes, explosives, agrochemicals, textiles, plastics production and biotechnology, especially as an antiseptic and antibacterial drug, 1,6-bis(cyano-guanidino) hexane has a good application prospect. Also, it can be applied in chemical medicine, agricultural product protection, food and daily necessities, rubber, plastic vulcanization and promotion auxiliaries.

Structurally, 1,6-bis(cyano-guanidino) hexane is an imidourea or a guanidinium carbamate. Although the content was limited, guanides are found in many plants such as sugar beets, rice husks, mushrooms, and beans in nature. Humans and animals also contain trace amounts of guanides. Increased levels of 1,6-bis(cyano-guanidino) hexane in blood or urine sputum could be induced by some diseases.