Panjin Jiahe Shengshi Medical Technology Co., Ltd
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Panjin Jiahe Shengshi Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Panjin Fine Chemical Industrial Park, has a standardized workshop in the production of fine chemicals, including chlorhexidine acetate, chlorhexidine gluconate, poly six methylene guanidine raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates. Our company are also capable of producing raw disinfection material including double chain quaternary ammonium salt, cetylpyridinium chloride, benzethonium chloride, glutaraldehyde and double guanidine hexane.


The company started in 2008, with the predecessor of Jinzhou Jiajie Disinfection Co., Ltd., focusing on disinfection related product and sales for nearly ten years. In recent years, our company has been continuously evolving, setting up companies in Tianjin, Jinzhou and Panjin, and became involved in production, trade, equipment installation and other fields. Tianjin Shengshi Jiahe Biotechnology Co. Ltd., is a high-tech enterprise in Tianjin, focuses on trade and the R&D of disinfection raw materials. Panjin Jiahe Shengshi Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is the production base. Jinzhou Jiahe Shengshi Technology Development Co. Ltd. focuses on the distribution of disinfection supplies and medical equipment. Panjin Jiameishengan Chemical Equipment Installation Co., Ltd. provides all kinds of equipment installation service. At present, Jiahe Shengshi has acquired 12 national utility patents, 1 invention patents. “Jing Yi Jing” brand series have been saled across the whole country.


One reaps what one sows. The staff of Jiahe believe in “sincere, trustworthy, innovative, win-win”. In the fierce competition of domestic and foreign markets, our company won industry-wise recognition and praise with hard work and self-improvementin!